We dream of a village: “a village that is the pride of Turkey, a village of science, a village of education, a village of art…” Not “a village that is there, far away and we do not go to”, but “a village that is here, close by, a village that we are always in, a village whose door is open to everyone”…

Open to everyone from 7 to 70 who wants to produce and contribute…However, without your support, the dream of our village is far away for us and our children. If you are also curious about the Science and Art Village and wish that these dreams come true in the New Year, visit our website now:


The land was bought and zoning changes were made (2021-2022)

The firm which will do the architectural project was determined (2023)

The detailed project will start (2024)

Share with your friends and make our Science and Art Village a reality!

Thank you very much in advance for your kind support.

For more information: ilkyar@ilkyar.org.tr